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Friday, April 27, 2012

Who We Are Releases and the Bad Poetry Contest Winners!

It's release day, folks!  The sequel to Bear, Otter, and the Kid is now available from Dreamspinner Press (amazon appears to currently being a bitch, so you can't download the kindle version from Amazon, but you can still purchase from DSP's site and add it to your kindle).  The reviews so far have been crazy awesome, so I think people are pleased with the next step for the boys.

Dreamspinner link to buy WWA

As you probably saw from the video above, the Bad Poetry Contest winners have been decided.  Congrats to Lauren, Lloyd, and Lannie! (and I just noticed those are all "L" names--CONSPIRACY!!!!)  I'm going to post the winners poems below, and then over the course of the next week, I'll release a few more poems that I really liked.

Thanks again to my judges, Jamie, Jo, and Arvin.  You guys are seriously badass.  And thanks to EVERYONE that entered.  I couldn't believe the response I got for this, and I hope you all had a blast with it!

Feel free to let  me know what you think of Who We Are!!

Much love,


Lauren's Poem, 3rd place:

My bad poem

The Kid would likely call me a barbarian,
Because I’m, by no means a vegetarian.

He would say, “As a cow and chicken consumer
You might get Mad Cow or a massive brain tumor.”

Cause the Kid’s a genius and most likely correct,
A doctor I should see, my health he can inspect.

After school and the doctor my savings deflated,
I regret thinking insurance was overrated.

And now I am broke with debts so large,
Can I please have the book free of charge?

Lloyd's poem, 2nd place:
That Badger
I have an love that might disturb and amaze, 
But my affair with e-ink is more than just a phase.
And so it is with such an indomitable swagger
That to win this contest I shall bugger a badger

I'm sure you'll get poems of charming,  gentle breeze,
of poofy shirts and rivers that run to sunless seas.
Others may wax lyrical of bears, kids and otters
Though, obviously, of these you've written a lotters.
Some may praise and flatter your books,
some may talk about your stunning good looks.
Others may grovel and brownnose  to win,
(I wonder how many will say you look like Tin-Tin.)
Although in stark terror, lesser men may flee,
when they will hear that badger squealing with glee
But I'm sure that you're made of much sterner stuff,
In fact, the word on the street is you like it a bit rough.
So I have made my case.  See, I'm not at all cool.
My love of e-ink can make me a fool.
However, I do have an admission to the judges that hold sway,
I'll probably bugger that fucking badger anyway.

Lannie's poem, 1st place

Why Should Lannie Win This Contest Above Anyone Else?

So I’m minding my own bizness and come across a vid
Where random dude was talking about Bear, Otter, and some Kid
Yapping about some contest where bad poetry is the goal
Why anyone would want that, pshhh,…I don’t even know

Spiked hair dude in red suspenders was kinda hot
So I ponder, why not?  I’ll give it a shot
How hard could it be to impress some judge quick?
Even Judge Arvin, a.k.a. “Sex-on-a-Stick”

Mayhap I could bribe if I thought none would tell
A round of drinks for all judges I see at GRL?
Come on, don’t be like that, you know that I joke
Would I try to corrupt such, good, honest folk?

So to win I must convince you my reasons the best
My cause must outshine the needs of the rest
But how to convince in 5 stanzas or less?
Without sexual favors it’s hard to impress

Lannie must win this, need you ask why?
Is it because, with a loss, heart-broken I’ll die?
No, to come correct I must speak it true
Because I like free shit more than him, her, or you!


  1. Congratulations on the new release! Just downloaded my copy (yay) and I'm about to start reading it if I can get those disturbing poems out of my head...lol. Actually, they're pretty funny. :D Congrats to the winners.

    Have a great weekend TJ!

    1. Hahaha, those poems are pretty insane, right? I've never had someone send me a sexy-time poem dedicated to me before. Truly an oddity! Let me know what you think when you finish WWA and happy reading!


    2. I read it over the weekend and all I can say is thank you so much for another awesome story. You truly have a gift and...a warped sense of humor...lol. I love how your mind works. :D

  2. Congratulations on the new release. I can't wait to read it, I'm about to go download my copy. I was not a contest winner but I had a lot of fun writing my poem, so thank you for the contest.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I can't wait for you to read WWA! You'll have to come back and let me know what you thought. And again, thanks for taking the time to enter the Bad Poetry Contest. I had a blast with it. We may have to do that again down the road.....


  3. XD Alright! I've been waiting and re-reading BOATK in preparation for this release. Now it's finally here! Hurray! Happy early birthday and Christmas to me! As soon as Amazon puts up the Kindle version, I'm clearing my schedule and spending the rest of my day devouring this book.

    1. Haha! Happy early birthday! (and Christmas?!?!?) Amazon should have loaded the Kindle version (after taking their sweet ass time), so you should be all good to go. Let me know what you think when you finish!


    2. Heh. My birthday's not til August. It just feels like a birthday and Christmas 'cause Who We Are is out and I'm over the moon!

      The book is simply fantastic... the most beautiful love letter I've ever gotten. Thank you for writing it. It's everything I'd hoped it would be and more. XD

  4. Just finished the book and you can't leave it there........ bad TJ! Congratulations on another fantastic read. I haven't looked forward to a release in a long while and you didn't disappoint!

    1. Hahaha, "bad TJ". Thank you so much for reading WWA and I am happy you enjoyed it. WWA was a labor of love to all of you and I am over the moon that people are responding to it as I'd hoped. Thanks again for reading!


  5. Just finished reading it. God, it was great. I'm now going to have to order my paperback copy to go with my BOATK I got the other day. I agree with skes2002, that was mean to end where you did. Poor Kid. Take all the breaks that you need because your stories are just amazing and I can't imagine not ever getting a new one from you.

    1. Hey, Jennifer! Thanks for reading WWA! (and ordering two copies?!?!?! You, my friend, are a rock star) And I didn't MEAN to be mean, it just seemed....prudent...to end where I did (trust me, if I don't stop myself, I just go on and on and on). I have a feeling we'll see those boys some day again in the future ;)


  6. Omg, its really awesome! two fistful of awesomeness... lol Please, please ... hope that Dom and Tyson's novel is in progress, in the works or somewhere in your list of things to do. Have a rest... you've done well! great!

    1. Haha, thanks, Virg! Dom and Ty, you say? Well, I may just have to look into that someday soon ;) Thanks for reading!


  7. Just finished Who We Are am and more in love with Bear, Otter and the Kid than ever! I actually sat at my computer waiting for it to become the 27th over there (Australia here ;) so I could get my hands on it! While waiting in anticipation I even went back and re-read their first adventures, as I love that book totally, although it now has to share my love equally with another :)
    Before I read your first book I found reading anything written in the first person a challenge. Now I know I was just reading the wrong books! I really hope I am lucky enough to read a book about Ty and his love in the future, whether that be six months or six years from now.
    Sadie¸¸.•¨¯`• ƸӜƷ

  8. Hi TJ!

    Hehehe, I loved Lannie's poem entry. Truly Bear-driven! LOL

    Last I commented on your books, I'd made a true spectacle of myself, gushing all over the damn place about 'Burn'. Well, I guess I just have no dignity 'cause I'm here to do the same thing all over again over WWA! LOL I can't help myself! I mean, come on, I'm only human here. I just couldn't in any way stand up to the waves upon waves of love, sadness, hope, and incomparable humor that completely enveloped me as I read WWA. I really enjoyed BOATK, but WWA? Wow... that's all I can say (not really but I'll write a novel if I don't stop myself).

    You did an amazing job on this, TJ, and I can only hope that you continue to bless the world with your unique brand of character driven and humorous writing that touches the hearts of those smart enough to read your work. Bear, Otter, the Kid, and their merry band of relatives will forever be in my heart. Thank you very much for sharing them with me and the world. :)


  9. TJ, I must say, thank you so much for writing these books. I read alot, and I have never been so entranced by a book, so in love with a books characters, as I am with this group. Until Who We Are, BOATK was the only book to actually make me cry,. Who We Are did it multiple times. Truly the two best books I've ever read, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for introducing these characters to me!

  10. HAHAHA! OMG TJ - I can't WAIT to read Break now and see what havoc I can wreak! MWA-HAHAHAHAHA! I am going to send my mom this link....and to think that bitch told me I'd never amount to anything!