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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Who We Are Play List

Since the playlist idea was a success with Burn, I was asked to make one for the BOATK sequel, Who We Are, out on April 27th from Dreamspinner Press.  This playlist was a little harder to make, to be honest.  With Burn, I chose music that had an epic sound, large and bombastic.  Obviously, Who We Are is set in the real world, and I needed to figure out the sound for Bear and the boys, seeing as how I didn't release a playlist for BOATK.  I think I got it pretty close in the list below.  Remember a few things: those looking for hints about the story would do well to pay attention to the lyrics.  You will also notice that the song for the prologue is very different then the others and there is a specific reason for that.  Let's just say readers of Burn will recognize the prologue to Who We Are.  You'll also see a couple of song titles with three asterisks next to it.  These are the songs I think are most integral to the plot of WWA.
And, of course, since it needs to be said, I obviously don't own the rights to any of these songs.  Those go to the individual artist.  And hey, if you have iTunes, why not buy the songs and create your own set list to support the artist?  There are a few that are unknown and it would be great to purchase the songs!
Theme Song: Florence + The Machine—“Heartlines”***
Prologue: Two Steps From Hell—“Heart Of Courage”
Chapter 1: Fun.—“We Are Young”

Chapter 2: Brandon Flowers—“Crossfire”

Chapter 3: Royal Teeth—“Heartbeats”

Chapter 4: Cold Play—“Fix You”

Chapter 5: Boyce Avenue covering Bruno Mars— “Grenade”***

Chapter 6: Matt Corby—“Brother”***

Chapter 7: Electric Six—“Gay Bar”

Chapter 8: Blue October—“Into The Ocean”***

Chapter 9: Brian Collins— “Darkest Hour” Live at Blue Light Sessions***

Chapter 10: Florence + The Machine—“Shake it Out”***

Chapter 11: Jeff Buckley—“Hallelujah”***

Chapter 12: Johnny Cash—“The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”

Epilogue: Turning Page—“Sleeping at Last"



  1. These look so good! Some I have, some I don't - can't wait to listen to them. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Hi the playlist is so lovely! Is Who We Are the last book in the BOATK series or are there more to come? (please, please, please, please, please be more to come!... especially one about Ty and Dominic :) )...