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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random thoughts on I Love Lucy, Hypercolor t-shirts, and goldfish dreams.

So my mind is completely whacked right now, and so don’t expect this to be a coherent blog post.  Think of it as more a random collection of whatever is going through my head right now.  Hopefully, good times will be had by all.
--I am so gay.  You want to know how gay?  Here goes:  I’d never seen a single episode of I Love Lucy.  I mean come one, it’s in black and white!  Didn’t they have color TV back in the 1870’s?!?  So apparently it was her Lucy’s 100th birthday and there was an all weekend long marathon of the old episodes.  I randomly stopped on the channel, wanting to see what it was about.  The next time I looked at the clock, four hours had passed and I was still laughing my ass off.  How gay am I?  Apparently when I open my mouth, not only does a purse fall out, but it’s the entire fall Coach collection. (Did even things out that I was drinking beer while watching the show?  I’d like to think so.)
--I have new neighbors moving in next door.  And of course they’re hot looking frat guys who were moving their shit with their shirts off.  Is it too much to ask that they spray themselves with a hose in slow motion every once in a while?  Jesus Christ.
--I got my new laptop on Friday.  For all of you that remember the Great Best Buy Laptop Debacle of a month ago should be happy to note that I didn’t go back to Best Buy and I didn’t by Sony.  Fuck the both of them. 
--I want to bring back the word “tubular.”  As in, “Cowabunga dude, this is totally tubular!”
--You remember the Hypercolor t-shirts from the early 90’s?  The ones that you could blow on and they would change color?  I wonder what happened if you jizzed on one.  Did anyone ever try that?
--I only go to work three days this week because I didn’t think I’d be able to focus as Friday gets closer.  Stupid book release making me all nervous.
--I had a dream last night that I owned goldfish.  I’ve never owned goldfish.  Why would I dream about goldfish?  My dreams are so boring.
--I haven’t heard back yet from Dreamspinner on my 2nd novel I submitted to them called This Is How We Burn The World.  I know I only submitted it a few weeks ago, but the waiting is literally driving me up the fucking walls.  It’s a huge book (just under 200K) and is part one of a three part trilogy and of course, it ends with a gigantic cliffhanger.  What, me worry? (I hope they accept it cause I think it rocks and I have this crazy cool idea for the cover to be like one of those Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie posters that are hand drawn and show the characters faces—that would be tubular.
--My new WIP is coming slowly but surely.  I’m still deciding if I should divide it into two parts or just make it one long story (and it will be long—covering 80 years is not simple feat).  But John and Jack are whispering to me and I already know the ending, it’s just all that stuff in the middle that I need to work out.
--Last, but certainly not least, of course this is the week of my first release.  Bear, Otter, and the Kid will be out on Friday.  I keep telling myself not to worry much about the reviews on it, both good and bad, because in the end, do they really matter?  I want to write just for the sheer joy of it.  But then that irrational part of me thinks of COURSE I care about the fucking reviews and I’ll be devastated at my first negative review (of course I’ll get  a negative review—EVERYONE DOES AT SOME POINT).  Hopefully, it won’t break my soul.  But on the upside, I HAVE A FUCKING BOOK ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
God, I can’t wait to hold the paperback in my hands.  I’m sure it’ll almost be the same experience a parent gets when they hold their kid for the first time.  Only less squishy and wet.

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