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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Four Author Chat on 10/8/11!!!!!

Hello, everybody! On 10/8 (that's just six days away), we're going to be chatting at Love Romances Cafe. Hours are noon-6 eastern (9-3 Pacific).

Participating authors:

Elizabeth Noble

Lou Sylvre

Anne Barwell

Me =)

As you see, quiet a variety of styles and themes. We'll be chatting about what's out, what's soon to be out, what we're working on, but also about whatever you'd like know.

We'll be having contests, posting excerpts, and blurbs, and who knows what else. I really, really hope you'll come and chat with us!

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Here's the link to Love Romances Cafe and you have to join to chat. Of course you can unjoin later if you want, but they have some great promos there, from time to time.

You'll also be getting a first look at This Is How We Burn The World, my second novel out from Dreamspinner in February.

Let me know if you have questions~~

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  1. I just got done reading Bear, Otter and the Kid, and I am blown away. I will be honest and say that this is not a book I would have picked on my own, but on the urging of a friend at Goodreads, who I might add wrote a glowing review, I decided to give it a go. It is one of the best books I have ever read and it exceeded my expectations. You are extremely talented and there only a few authors that I would put in the same class with you. Oh, don't get me wrong I've read some good books, but very few leave me emotionally drained, in a good way. So thanks for giving me and others the gift of such a thought-provoking, wonderful book with characters that remain forever in my heart. Hey I think I'll put that in my review!